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Folk Rung

The cultures of the Pakistani people is enriched by various influences of thousands of years of old heritage. Folk Rung is a brand name, representing the local culture and product line of Pakistan. Folk Rung has been launched as a new product line of Taaleem Foundation. Folk Rung and its products presents the skills of people of Pakistan. Folk Rung presented the multiple products including embroidered garment, accessories and home decor products. After successful launching of Folk Rung in Pakistan, TF has a plan to promote it on international level.

Folk rung is a brand with value proposition based on cultural heritage. As Pakistani cultures are gathering global focus amid ongoing trend of exoticism and the growth of Pakistani economies, there is more opportunity especially for local brands to benefit from cultural heritage branding, its preservation and promotion out of country.

Also, the advantages of cultural heritage branding can benefit fashion brands, considering that designs of great importance in fashion brand’s competitiveness can earn creativity and originality from cultural heritage.